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Building Safe Environments for Individuals and Businesses

Steinlein Group is an American security company founded and led by Timothy Holmsley, a former US Special Forces officer who has conducted a variety of complex security and intelligence operations all over the world. He also worked closely with the FBI and foreign law enforcement to counter international organized crime and terrorism.

About Steinlein Group

25 Years in International Security

Areas of Expertise

Developing A Criminal Case

Countering Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage is one of the most common threats to businesses all over the world. Steinlein Group offers proactive risk management strategies to identify vulnerabilities within your organization and mitigate threats in the most resource-efficient manner.

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Leadership and Team Building

Steinlein Group provided years of experience building and developing successful teams. We help organizations recruit the right people, develop tailored communication strategies, and optimize their overall performance.

Anti - Money Laundering

Steinlein Group will guide you towards establishing successful Anti-Money Laundering practices. We will help you develop an internal regulatory framework, as well as evaluate and train in-house financial intelligence and regulatory compliance units.

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Security Services

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Tailored Strategies for monitoring, detecting and eliminating threats

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Protective Intelligence

Enhancing security through obtaining and analyzing information

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Personal protection and bodyguard services 

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Licensed private investigator services for personal or business issues


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Upcoming Events

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Your Organization Just Got Hacked. Now What?

June 8, 2021
1 hour | $150
1 CPE Credit Available

In this training by cybersecurity expert, Jay Rosenberg, you will learn how to prepare, plan, and manage a successful and rapid incident response for your organization.