A company’s greatest asset is usually its employees, but employees, contractors and others with access to the company’s sensitive information may also be the company’s greatest threat. Those with access can intentionally or accidentally aid those who seek to profit from or damage the company. Most companies react only after a security incident occurs when they should have identified issues and taken action to avoid the incident in the first place.




We proactively manage risk by identifying threats and vulnerabilities ahead of time. We prioritize threats and design appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Then we make recommendations to focus resources in a cost effective manner. We include four key components, which help Detect, Deter, and Disrupt threats: Asset Prioritization, Baseline Review, Threat Assessment, and Tailored Strategy.

Core Specialities

We provide consulting services and enhanced due diligence to identify, manage, and counter organizational threats

Insider Risk &



Threat Profiles

Insider Threat Training

Tailored Security


Threat &









Electronic Devices

Bug Sweeps 

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

We detect and remove electronic eavesdropping devices or “bugs”. We use modern, state-of-the-art, and professional equipment to perform sweeps and identify various types of audio and video interception devices in buildings, vehicles, aircraft, and boats.

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Red Team

Testing, Training, and Quality Assurance

We train employees in accordance with the client’s security policies and protocols. Then validate the client company’s susceptibility to deceit, persuasion, and infiltration through red team operations and social engineering exploitation.

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Sensitive Information

Facility development

Following strict protocols, we develop a secure place where sensitive information can be viewed and discussed to prevent outside surveillance or espionage. These can be permanent or temporary to keep information secure while traveling.