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Cybersecurity Services

Increasing dependence on Internet and technology has made companies more vulnerable to cyber attacks that can damage their critical infrastructure and networks. At Steinlein Group we help organizations identify weaknesses in their systems, increase resilience, and become fully prepared for the challenges of the digital age.

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 Network and Application Security Services

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Network Penetration Testing

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Web Application Penetration Testing

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Incident Response

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Red Team Assessments

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Phishing Assessments

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Cloud Security Testing

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Wireless Testing

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Digital Forensics

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Static Source Code Analysis

Computer Programming

Static Source Code Security Analysis 

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Blockchain Network Penetration Testing

Blockchain Application/API Penetration Testing

Blockchain Compliance Assessments

Smart Contract Auditing

Secure Blockchain Design  

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 Cryptocurrency Investigations

Investigative direction toward investigations

Due diligence on business representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges

Assessment of Cryptocurrency exchanges (persons/business models/software)