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Training Session: Developing a Criminal Case

Updated: May 8, 2021

Steinlein Group has actively supported international law enforcement to improve their investigative capabilities since 2018. As part of our continuous cooperation, on the 7th of October 2020, we organized another training session for the National Police of Ukraine. Robert Bacon from Huxley Orion led the training and provided step-by-step guidance for developing a criminal case.

The training covered a wide range of relevant topics including developing an initial investigation lead, ensuring the legality of investigation, obtaining relevant data, and turning information into admissible evidence. Together with the participants, we discussed the definition of crime under the Ukrainian Criminal Code and essential elements for an action to be qualified as crime.

After analyzing relevant criminal legislation, we broke down some of the essential techniques of using police records, field investigations, open-source tools, intelligence, and financial documents to obtain essential data in the investigation process. We also discussed best practices and tools for analyzing and interpreting data to reveal trends and inferences.

During the final phase of the training we provided practical tips for developing the theory of the case, determining targets and persons of interests, producing a case report and other procedural aspects of pursuing a prosecution. Conducting a criminal investigation is a complex, delicate process. Steinlein Group provides law enforcement with effective tools to develop a case and we ensure security officials and investigators understand and uphold human rights standards and civil liberties.

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