Private Investigations

Steinlein Group offers licensed private investigator services for complex business or personal issues. We are certified professionals specializing in up to date methodology and wide range of investigative tools.

Background Checks

Background checks are effective for validating the credibility and trustworthiness of potential employees, tenants, partners, or other individuals you might want to be affiliated with. We cover a wide range of information obtained through various methods.


We offer professional physical surveillance of individuals to help answer questions of infidelity, misrepresentation, workers' comp fraud, etc… We also install high quality electronic surveillance devices in vehicles, offices, houses, and elsewhere.

Litigation Support

We help attorneys with in-depth research, uncovering new evidence, conducting interviews, and other case support activities. 

Crime Investigations

In addition to regular police investigations that sometimes produce little to no results, we provide case-specific work to collect evidence and support fair trials.

Locating Lost Property

Property theft is devastating for individuals and businesses alike. We use a variety of techniques to identify and track stolen items. Such measures might include interviewing suspects, conducting surveillance, and other discrete measures.

Missing Persons

We work closely with the local law enforcement to find missing individuals. We help obtain crucial information to locate missing persons.

Child Custody

We help observe the child's environment to understand his/her true state of safety and wellbeing. We will help answer important questions such as how well the child is being taken care of and who is interacting with the child.